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Welcome  to the Urban Coast Journal. This multidisciplinary journal is a product of the Center for Santa Monica Bay Studies, a program of Loyola Marymount University’s Seaver College of Science and Engineering and the The Bay Foundation. Urban Coast fulfills the Center’s goal of providing a much-needed forum to highlight research that informs the most pressing issues of our day and policies that affect the condition of urban coastal resources. Please check out the new issue of Urban Coast

Urban Coast features four general sections. In Perspectives, essays and editorials review current conditions or policies; the Research & Policy section features articles on scientific or policy studies; Case Studies are detailed project reports with implications for the urban coastal environment; and Environmental Notes & Abstracts are short descriptions of research, policy, and events relevant to our urban coastal environment.

Rainwater Harvesting Report

This report documents the results, highlights, methods employed, lessons learned, and recommendations about the year long rainwater harvesting program engaged in by the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission.

The Ballona Creek Greenway Plan is the result of a collaboration between the Ballona Creek Watershed Task Force and the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission. The Task Force is comprised of state and local agencies, environmental organizations, private businesses, and resident stakeholders.

The Ballona Creek Watershed has generated interest over the past decade. Local water resources and habitats have been severely degraded. The past fifteen years have seen a revival in concern for the effects of urbanization on beach water quality, bird populations, open space, and recreational access. The Ballona Creek Greenway Plan provides a community stakeholder created plan to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors of the Ballona Creek watershed.

The purpose of the Ballona Wetlands Climate Change study was to investigate the implications of potential changes in precipitation and sea level to the BWER. The study includes the application and integration of multiple models under various climate change scenarios to two proposed wetland restoration alternatives.