U.S. Estuary Leaders Testify to Congressional Subcommittee

Courthouse News Service – June 25, 2019

The House Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment invited experts like [Laura] Blackmore [Puget Sound Partnership] to testify … against the Trump administration’s proposed 31% cut to the Environmental Protection Agency budget — a move that would cut nearly $650 million in funding for environmental and restorative efforts. One such effort is the National Estuary Program, which is composed of 28 regional organizations that monitor and protect local environments through the help of state, local and federal organizing and funding. The program would no longer receive any federal funding if the cuts go through.

…The subcommittee also heard Tuesday from Tom Ford, executive director of the Santa Monica Bay National Estuary Program and the Bay Foundation, one of 28 recipients that divvy up the $26.5 million in National Estuary Program funding.  “Collectively, and on average over the last 14 years, the program has tallied up leveraged resources of $19 for every $1 invested by Congress,” Ford testified. “The Santa Monica Bay NEP that I direct leveraged $29 for every $1 over the past 5 years.” [READ MORE]