Back to School: Kids at tThe Environmental Charter Schools in South LA Are Taking Climate Change into their Own Hands

LA Weekly – August 29, 2019 (print), August 26 (online)

Students Giovani Benitez and Kevin Luna just welcomed a wheelbarrow of food waste from neighborhood restaurant Yo Way Eatery and are turning it into mound of sawdust and hay that will both feed their community and make a small dent in climate change. …The Table to Farm Composting project at the ECS schools in South Los Angeles is a waste reduction pilot program,… that combats methane generated by landfills by connecting restaurants with compost hubs, urban farms and community gardens for a multifaceted food waste reduction program. …The Bay Foundation (distinct from “Heal The Bay”)  developed the program, which grew out of their Clean Bay Restaurant program. The organization’s focus is the Santa Monica Bay and efforts to avert trash going through  storm drains into the ocean.  It also works to educate boaters on how to keep the bay clean….READ MORE