Can the Forests of the World’s Oceans Help Solve the Climate Crisis?

Ensia – June 24, 2020

…Having spent years studying [kelp’s] benefits, [Cayne] Layton is now trying to bring a patch of Tasmania’s struggling kelp forests back to life.  …his experiment also brings attention to the extraordinary potential of kelp to absorb carbon and help tackle climate change.

…Other kelp restoration projects around the world are tackling different threats. In Santa Monica Bay, California, conservationists are trying to save local kelp forests from voracious purple urchins… The urchins’ unchecked appetite has contributed to the loss of three-quarters of the bay’s former kelp forest. But fishers [lead by The Bay Foundation] are carefully hand-clearing urchins — the draw being that as kelp is restored, fisheries are too. So far they’ve managed to clear 52 acres (21 hectares), which the kelp forest has reclaimed. …READ MORE