Malibu Living Shoreline Project

Malibu Living Shoreline Project

The Malibu Living Shoreline Project aims to restore approximately 3-acres of sandy beach and dune habitat at Zuma Beach and Point Dume Beach. Partnering with the City of Malibu, Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, and California State Coastal Conservancy, TBF launched efforts to begin the planning phase of this project in early 2018. The Malibu Living Shoreline Restoration Project aims to achieve the following three goals:

Goal 1 – Increase the resiliency of the shoreline through the restoration of sandy beach and foredune habitat

This project will restore a healthy living shoreline that will provide multiple ecosystem benefits, like habitat for shorebirds and native flowering plants, and shoreline stabilization to protect the beach we love so much!

Goal 2 – Implement nature-based protection measures against sea level rise and coastal storms

Specialized plants will grow and begin trapping sand transported by the wind and pushed onshore by waves. As vegetation begins to grow, so will the dunes. Dunes can provide a natural defense against sea level rise and coastal storms.

Goal 3 – Increase engagement of the community through enhanced beach experiences, outreach, and education

In addition to reducing coastal hazards and providing habitat for wildlife, this project will encourage nature-based tourism and increase community awareness of living shorelines while still allowing all other existing recreational uses of the beach to continue.


Project Timeline

Project Documents:

CDP Application (PDF | 1.4 MB)

Implementation and Monitoring Plan (PDF | 6.2 MB)

Site Characterization Report (PDF | 1.5 MB)

Supplemental Project Plan (PDF | 2.8 MB)

The Malibu Living Shoreline Project – Malibu City Council Presentation on 7-23-2018 (PDF | 11.8 KB)

This project is funded by the State Coastal Conservancy.

Learn more:

Learn more about proposed dune formation at Point Dume here.

Stay tuned for more info on this project. In the meantime, please visit The Santa Monica Beach Restoration Pilot Project page to learn more about sandy beach and foredune restoration.


Non-native invasive iceplant extent pre-restoration at Zuma Beach.

Non-native invasive iceplant extent pre-restoration at Point Dume.

Non-native invasive iceplant extent pre-restoration at Zuma Lagoon.


Project Sites Overview—Zuma Lagoon and Point Dume Beach.


Zuma Lagoon—Pre restoration.

Zuma Lagoon—Post-restoration rendering.


Point Dume—Pre restoration.

Point Dume—Post-restoration rendering.