Clean Boating

Angel’s Gate greets boaters entering Los Angeles Harbor

In Southern California, there are almost 200,000 registered boaters.  Boating habits DO make a difference!

Initiated in 1996, the Boater Education and Outreach Program (BEP) is dedicated to the reduction of ocean pollution generated by boating activities.  We accomplish our goals through direct outreach, collaboration, and technical assistance.

We target a slew of pollutants, sewage, used oil, household hazardous waste, marine debris, aquatic invasive species, and emerging contaminants. Even though our efforts started locally, in Marina del Rey, we now work with all the harbors from Santa Barbara to San Diego, including the Channel Islands.

The BEP is supported through several grant funds including, a Clean Vessel Act grant from California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways, Environmental Protection Agency allocations to TBF, and various other competitive grants.


Educational Materials

How do boaters prevent pollution? We offer a slew of free resources to boaters so they can help prevent pollution… LEARN MORE

Honey Pot Day

Want a discounted mobile sewage pumpout? As part of our Honey Pot Day program we offer coupon codes for mobile pumpouts to boaters in Marina del Rey, King Harbor, Port of Los Angeles, and Port of Long Beach… LEARN MORE

Volunteer with Us

Do you enjoy spending time around the harbor? Our volunteer opportunities can get you out on the water and having fun… LEARN MORE


Fish bait ball, photo by Chuck Graham

Fish bait ball, photo by Chuck Graham