Educational Materials

Southern California Boater’s Guide

The Guide provides comprehensive information about each harbor in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties, including:

  • Harbor entrance obstacles
  • How to get a guest slip
  • Locations of waste disposal and fueling facilities
  • Local rules and ordinances
  • Custom harbor maps
  • Environmentally sound boating tips

Download a free electronic PDF version. Alternatively, if you would like a printed hard copy, please fill out an order form.


2021 Southern California Tide Calendar


Don’t miss the 2021 Southern California Tide Calendar, now available digitally in English and Spanish (click to access). In addition to the tides, get sewage management tips, a list of boat-to-boat services, Marine Protected Area information, harbor resources, and more!

If you would like to order a printed copy of the Tide Calendars in English please contact us.

This publication is funded by the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways Clean Vessel Act Education Program and a federal Clean Vessel Act Grant through the Sport Fish Restoration Program. It is also funded in part by the Ocean Protection Council and Coastal Quest.


Bilge Pumpout Video Tour

Oceanside Harbor’s state-of-the-art bilge pumpout and oil-water separator uses the latest in science and technology.  This facility will directly improve ocean water quality by making safe and proper disposal of oily bilge water easy and efficient for boaters.

Watch this video tour and demonstration to learn more.


Pumpout Nav

Pumpout Nav_icon

The Pumpout Nav app automatically finds your location, and suggests the closest pumpout stations to you (map or list view available).  It includes details on how to use a pumpout station, and environmental risks and regulations regarding sewage discharge.  One can report non-operational units through the app and even submit photos.

Download the iOS app.

Download the Android app.


Recycle fishing lines to protect wildlife and boats! Follow these simple instructions to make your own portable recycling container and to be an ocean steward. Take your responsible fishing one step further, learn about Marine Protected Areas and resources available to you as well.

Funding provided by the Ocean Protection Council and Coastal Quest. 

Boat Marine Sanitation Device and Y-valve

Discharging sewage overboard can spread disease, harm aquatic life, impact nutrient levels in the water, and compromises our enjoyment of the water.  Properly disposing of boat sewage makes a difference in water quality and the marine environment we all enjoy!

Watch this video to learn the laws regarding your Marine Sanitation Device and how to properly secure your Y-valve to prevent accidental discharge.


The Changing Tide

Read our newsletter to learn about the latest boating trends and destinations throughout the state.  Visit our Changing Tide Archive to read past issues and contact us to subscribe.

TBF publishes the newsletter with California Clean Boating Network partners (Division of Boating and Waterways, California Coastal Commission, Boating Clean & Green Program, and San Francisco Estuary Partnership.)


When Nature Calls

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When Nature Calls is the official California State Parks vessel sewage guide.  A 14-page, full-color booklet that provides information about proper boat sewage management, Marine Sanitation Devices, how-to steps for pumping out boat sewage, no discharge zones and restricted water bodies, laws, and green solutions.  If you would like hard copies please contact us.


Consider a Compostable Marine Toilet

Compostable toilets are eco-friendly, economical, and easy. They are considered a Type III Marine Sanitation Device (MSDs). Learn more about how they work here.


Boater Kit

The Boater Kit is an educational tool for boaters.  Kits are distributed by trained staff and Dockwalker volunteers.  The kit includes:

  • Oil absorbent pillow
  • Tide tables and marina guide booklet
  • ABC’s of California Boating Laws
  • Environmental Boating Laws brochure
  • Laminated quick reference sheet

To get your free boater kit, find The Bay Foundation at a boat show or boating event.  Look at our calendar to see what boating events we will be attending in your area.

The Boater Kits are created by The Bay Foundation, California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways, California Coastal Commission, and the Boating Clean & Green Program.