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Eating Cleaner during El Niño

With a wet El Niño winter anticipated, we thought we’d remind you about our Clean Bay Certified program to help guide you to restaurants who are going above-and-beyond to avoid negatively affecting the ocean. Our mission is to work with restaurants to ensure that they improve their day-to-day activities in order to prevent pollutants such as oil, grease and trash, from becoming part of the stormwater runoff that leads to our beloved Santa Monica Bay.

With all the rain we are supposed to get, everything these restaurants do to help makes a difference! And you can support them by checking out our certified restaurants HERE and selecting one of them when you are out and about!




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Giving Steelhead Trout More Creek!

It’s estimated that due to damming and other human impacts, steelhead trout have lost 80-95% of their historic stream habitat. Today only three streams, Arroyo Sequit, Malibu, and Topanga Creeks, are known to contain steelhead trout, and their numbers are few.  After 15 years of planning, help is on the way.  To restore a healthy stream and benefit the trout and other aquatic species, two concrete road crossings and a “check Dam” that cut through Arroyo Sequit Creek will be removed and replaced with freestanding bridges.  By reconnecting to 4.5 miles of historic habitat in the Santa Monica Mountains, this project will allow upstream passage for the federally endangered steelhead trout, which relies on access to upstream areas of our local rivers and streams to mate and lay eggs.  Our own Mark Abramson has been working on this project steadfastly.  Learn more and see video HERE.

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Stone Canyon Creek Restoration Day! – 12/12/2015


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