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UCLA Practicum Students: Kelp & Seagrass

For a third year in a row, students at UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability selected TBF to work with conducting research related to Ocean Acidification in Santa Monica Bay. Ocean waters are becoming more acidic because of excess CO2 changing the chemistry of the sea water, another consequence of climate change. Kelp and eelgrass, (an underwater plant) both pull CO2 from the water around them when conducting photosynthesis. If the rate that they pull CO2 out of the water is great enough it can raise the pH of the surrounding water providing refuge for marine organisms from acidic conditions. The field work involved deploying sensors from UCLA’s research vessel diving and deploying sensors from TBF’s vessel. This video taken from our ROV gives you an idea of what and eelgrass bed looks like. You can read more about the project here.

CRI Summer Student Interns Engage in Fieldwork!

Loyola Marymount University’s Coastal Research Institute (CRI), a partnership of TBF and LMU’s Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering, kicked off the summer months with research, scientific monitoring, and restoration programs. This summer, 24 students from LMU and from Marymount High School’s SAILL internship program (Students Advancing in Internship Leadership and Learning) will contribute to CRI’s science program. They are learning scientific assessment and monitoring strategies in the field, contributing to cutting-edge research like analyzing microplastics in sand (click here for intern Cheyenne’s video explanation), and leading volunteer and community restoration events at sites throughout the Bay watershed.  Through the CRI intern program these students are gaining valuable experience addressing our world’s most pressing coastal issues, while helping us improve life along the coast in Los Angeles.

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Happy Weekend! We're proud to say that this 2-wk old #abalone made @TheScientistLLC "Image of the Day" ...small but making a statement! Check out the below and head on over to our Abalone page to see more on our work!… #SCMI @NOAA

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