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Urban Coast is currently accepting manuscripts submissions!

Urban Coast is currently soliciting manuscript submissions for all four sections of the journal: Research & Policy, Perspectives, Case Studies, and Notes & Abstracts. The Urban Coast multidisciplinary scientific journal is a product of the Center for Santa Monica Bay Studies, a partnership of Loyola Marymount University’s Seaver College of Science and Engineering and The Bay Foundation. It provides a forum for information exchange and to highlight research on pressing issues and policies that affect the conditions of urban coastal resources worldwide, and especially on issues affecting the Santa Monica Bay and its watershed.

Click here for detailed submission guidelines.


Boater at Newport Balboa Bay Club

Kick off the boating season with a free mobile sewage pumpout!

Dumping raw sewage into waterways can spread disease, harms aquatic life, lowers oxygen levels in the water, and is just gross. And it’s against the law to dump in U.S. navigable waters.  Click here to learn more about the effects of sewage in our waterways and get a free mobile pumpout to jump start your boating season.

For your very own cruisers guide and to locate a sewage pumpout location, download the Southern California Boater’s Guide app from iTunes.

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