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Raising Abalone at The Ab Lab

Abalone used to be so prolific they were literally stacked on top of one another! Over-harvest and disease have resulted in dramatic declines in populations of the six species of abalone that inhabit the kelp forests and rocky reefs of southern California. But we are determined to bring back these ecologically and economically important species and save two of these species from extinction.

Our recently completed Abalone Laboratory at the Southern California Marine Institute—aka The Ab Lab—is now our abalone center of operations. Here abalone are fed, conditioned and spawned to generate the millions of larvae it will take to bring these animals back. The offspring produced will likewise be fed and cared for until they are ready to go into the ocean. Research and method development are also taking place at the Ab Lab with researchers and industry throughout the state contributing to our groundbreaking work. Keep up with our progress here!


New Bridges Benefit Trout

Arroyo Sequit Creek in Leo Carillo State Park has come a long way since 2014… mainly for the endangered steelhead trout, but also for people working and recreating in the Park.

At the end of 2016, TBF, CA Dept. of Parks and Recreation, and the CA Conservation Corps celebrated the long-awaited placement of a second, wider bridge spanning the Creek, making it easier and safer for pedestrians and vehicles to the share the road. Driving over the bridges rather than through the creek will also reduce pollutant loading from direct vehicle contact.

Removal of a check dam and two Arizona crossings the last two years, opened up 4.5 miles of the creek for the trout’s passage. The stream channel and its banks were also contoured to promote natural hydrology and the establishment of native vegetation.

Increasing passage of steelhead trout and other species in the creeks of the Santa Monica Mountains is a big goal for the SMBNEP and opening Arroyo Sequit Creek is a major accomplishment in un-paving the route. (Video of the bridge installation.)

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