Beach Restoration

 Restoring our Beaches

Beach projects serve as a model for the region, showing that heavy recreational use of beaches and meaningful habitat restoration are both possible!

Santa Monica Beach Restoration Pilot Project

The Santa Monica Beach Restoration pilot project of approximately three acres aims to return a healthy and beautiful ecosystem to this beach, which in turn, will address climate change issues for both humans and wildlife. The project will evaluate increased protection for our coastal infrastructure and residences from sea level rise and erosion, while also providing a vital refuge for invertebrates, birds, and rare coastal vegetation species.

Manhattan Beach Dune Restoration Project

The Manhattan Beach Dune Restoration Project will enhance approximately 3.5 acres of the existing back dunes at Bruce’s Beach in Manhattan Beach, stretching approximately 0.6 miles of coastline. This project will serve as a demonstration site for beach dune restoration and inform understanding of beach dune restoration for the region.

Malibu Living Shoreline Project

The Malibu Living Shoreline Project aims to restore three acres of sandy beach and dune habitat at Zuma Beach and Point Dume Beach. This project will provide multiple ecosystem benefits such as shoreline stabilization and habitat for native flowering plants and shorebirds.

Los Angeles Living Shoreline Project

The purpose of the Los Angeles Living Shoreline Project is to create an innovative multi-habitat living shoreline at Dockweiler State Beach. The project aims to restore approximately 3-acres of sandy beach and coastal bluff habitat and implement a pilot restoration to establish adjacent offshore eelgrass within a 1-acre footprint.