Our staff is comprised of science and policy experts who are passionate about understanding and protecting the Santa Monica Bay and the Bay watershed.

Tom Ford
Tom FordRight arrow

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Burdick
Heather BurdickRight arrow

Director of Marine Operations, Operations Support Manager

Olivia Carmack
Olivia CarmackRight arrow

Marine Programs Field Technician

Andrea Carrassi
Andrea CarrassiRight arrow

Community Engagement Coordinator

Julie Du Brow
Julie Du BrowRight arrow

Communications Specialist

Ben Grime
Ben GrimeRight arrow

Marine Program Manager

Maggie Jenkins
Maggie JenkinsRight arrow

Watershed Project Manager

Paola Maravilla
Paola MaravillaRight arrow

Administrative Assistant

Kendall Soriano
Kendall SorianoRight arrow

Community Engagement Coordinator

Georgia Tunioli
Georgia TunioliRight arrow

Community Engagement Program Manager