Stone Canyon Creek Restoration

Stone Canyon Creek Volunteers (UCLAToday)

We need your help to remove invasive vegetation from the site. Upcoming events can be founds can be found HERE.

TBF provides all the tools and training but we need your muscle! This activity is for volunteers age 14 and older.

Click HERE to volunteer.

Creek Restoration

The Bay Foundation and the UCLA Lab School (ULS) have worked together, with thousands of volunteers, to help restore the ecosystem of the only remaining section of unburied creek on the UCLA campus. Serving as a ‘living classroom’ for the school, huge progress has been made, but it’s an ongoing process, always in need of volunteers.

The once mighty Stone Canyon Creek was formerly a dominant feature of the UCLA campus. But over the years, as the campus expanded, the creek was routed underground and now only this small segment running through the ULS campus and behind the Anderson School of Management remains. The vegetation that continues to grow at the creek site is dominated by invasive plants which is overtaking and trying to push out the few remaining native plant and wildlife species.

Volunteers continue to eliminate this infestation of invasive vegetation, replant the area with native vegetation, and restore this all but lost ecosystem. The newly established vegetation removes pollutants from the water to improve water quality and serves as habitat to birds and other wildlife on campus. This is real work that is benefiting the environment and teaching students that it’s possible to make an area healthy again. The project is also serving as a field lab for various UCLA schools. From this project, the UCLA Lab School was also recently named part of the National Wildlife Federation’s Certified Schoolyard Habitat program.